Welcome International Customer to PRINC Hospital Group

Principal Capital PLC provides the community with end-to-end healthcare services as well as long-term sustainability for everyone.


Our Network Hospitals

Principal Capital PLC. is now having 13 hospitals located in 10 provinces and willing to expand to achieving its target of 20 hospitals in 2023. PRINC committed to develop medical care services in insufficient locations including with other countries. 

Located on Bangkok Metropolitan Area, PSUV is a private hospital with 200 beds, providing medical services in multi-specialties.


Located in Phitsanulok Province, Pitsanuvej is a JCI accredited with 150 beds registered. The hospital provides high quality standard of healthcare and state of the art medical technology for over 40 years.

20 mins from Chiang Mai International Airport, the hospital is well-known for the treatment of cataract surgery and its specialised in knee surgery.  


A hundred mile from Cambodia border and 55 miles away from Laos border, the 55 beds-hospital is serving a number of foreigners with high quality services.

The hospital is known for its best in oncology treatment, with experienced doctors and collaboration of expertise. It is also the new destination for treatment of Cambodians.

Princ Sakon Nakhon Hospital

Opening in February 2023, a 59 beds-hospital located only an hour away from Laos border. This will be a new landmark of healthcare to all in the region.


Who We Are

Principal Capital PCL.

is specialized in the management and operation of private hospitals and healthcare business. The Company moved forward the private hospital business and the private hospital management coupled with the property management development business. Besides, it has provided information system service and investment advisory service on private hospital business. For more information, go to www.principalcapital.co.th

Our Purpose

Community Engagement

Our purpose is to become a corporation that attracts and nurtures people with compassion, in order to provide care to our customers, the community and society.

Principal Capital PLC is focusing on the maximum social impacts and benefits to the people by building our business model to satisfy the communities’ needs.